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Which nations can participate in the competition?

All nations that are part of the European Rowing Member Federation.

Who can register for the endurance event?

Endurance is an Open and Club-only event. Campus Clubs are also allowed. Competition categories: CM1x, CW1x, CM2x, CW2x, CMix2x, CM4x+, CW4x+

Who can register for the beach sprint event?

The Beach Sprint is an event reserved for federal crews. It is divided into Junior (categories CJM1x, CJW1x, CJMix2x) and Open (categories CM1x, CW1x, CMix2x).

For Junior events only, each federation can choose to enter 1 club crew representing it. In this case the crew will compete in the uniform of their club where the country code must be clearly visible.

Can a club sign up for a Beach Sprint race?

No. The Beach Sprint event is for federal crews only. For Junior registrations, the Federation may be represented by a club crew selected according to their own indications (exception – see above)

How can I register for the ERCC?

Registration can be done online through the regattacentral portal.

Log in or create a new account on the portal. Once logged in, you can select the European Rowing Coastal Challenge regatta and your affiliated Club/Federation. Then you will be able to select the event and the category to register for. For each registered crew, a coach can be added. It is mandatory to upload a .jpg or .png profile photo, passport photo format, for each registered person (coach included) in order to complete the registration.

What is the deadline for registrations?

Registrations will close on October 17, 2021 at 11:59 pm CEST.

What is the registration fee?

Registration costs € 30 per athlete. Coxwains and coaches won’t pay any registration fee.

Can I register for both the Beach Sprint and the Endurance?

Yes, as long as you comply with the registration requirements for each event. Always consult the race schedule to make sure that the races you want to participate in won’t overlap. In the case of Beach Sprint registration, in any case it will be the federation that will register the crew to ensure representativeness.

I am a member of staff / volunteer / technical staff / spectator / guest. Do I have to register?

Yes. In the registration portal there will be a dedicated section (will be soon online) for all those who are not athletes. Registration has the purpose of creating a complete database of the people who will enter the competition area, for safety reasons related to the regulations in force.


Can I bring my own boat?

Yes, for the endurance event and for training sessions. To compete in the Beach Sprint instead, Filippi boats will be reserved and it won’t be possible to compete with your own.

How can I rent a boat?

Through the registration portal: sign in with your account (or create a new one) at regattacentral.com

First you have to register to the event (see above). Once registered, on the left sidebar of the portal there’s the ‘boat hire’ link where you can rent your Filippi boat.

What is the cost of the rental?

The rental costs € 30 per seat, one-time payment. From 10 October the price will increase to € 45 per seat.

What does the rental include?

The rental includes the use of a boat for Endurance competitions and a training session for October 27th. The rental does NOT include the exclusive use of a specific boat. It guarantees the availability of a boat for competitions and training. The organizing committee however undertakes to provide the same boat mould. The rental includes oars, life jackets and the float rope.

When will I be able to train? How can I book a training session?

The day 27th October is reserved for training (time slots 9-12.30 and 13.30-17) and you can book a session by writing to booking@ercc2021.com

On October 29th, depending on when the Beach Sprint races will end and in any case no later than 5.30 pm, it will be possible to train by asking the staff of the organizing committee on the race field, which will manage the sessions based on the time available and the amount of requests.

Can I rent a boat for the Endurance event? Can I bring my own boat?

Yes. You can either rent a boat or bring your own.

Can I rent a boat for the Beach Sprint event? Can I bring my own boat?

No. For the Beach Sprint races, Filippi boats will be made available and only those will be used. You can still rent a boat (or bring your own) to train during the training day.


When can I do the accreditation at the competition venue?

It will be possible to register on October 28th and on the morning of 29th (until 10 am). After 10.00 am on October 29th it won’t longer be possible to register or make changes to the registered crews. Whoever does not get accredited in time will lose the right to compete.

What will be provided to me for accreditation?

Once accredited, you will receive a badge with a QRcode and the data you entered during online registration. You will have to mandatory show your badge every time you enter or leave the competition area.

I am a staff member / volunteer / technical staff / spectator / guest. Do I have to carry out accreditation?

Yes. Before accreditation you must be registered on the online portal (it will be soon available). Once accredited, you will receive a badge with a QRcode and the data you entered during online registration. You will have to mandatory show your badge every time you enter or leave the competition area.

If you’re a volunteer who applied by filling the form on our website, you still have to make the accreditation through the portal.

Where will the accreditation take place?

Accreditation will be done near the athletes’ entrance.

Accommodation and Directions

Which hotels have an agreement with the event?

You can find the list of affiliated hotels, and the relative offers and prices here.

How do I get to Marina di Castagneto?

You can find detailed information on how to reach the venue in the official bulletin here.


What will be the safety rules adopted during the event?

Our goal is to make an event in complete safety for the athletes and all participants. Entry to the competition field will be allowed only to those who exhibit their badge (obtained during the accreditation phase) and a valid EU digital Covid certificate. In addition, the temperature will be measured at each entrance.

Can I enter the competition area even without the green pass?

No. In order to enter the competition field it will be mandatory to present a valid EU digital COVID certificate. It will be possible to carry out a quick swab on site.

If you are in possession of a certificate following a swab, you can renew it in the days of the competition by carrying out the rapid swab service on site made available by the organizing committee.

If you are in possession of a certificate following a swab, it will be valid if it has been carried out within the previous 48 hours.

What documents do I need to show to enter the competition area?

A valid EU digital Covid certificate and the badge provided at the time of accreditation.

I already have the EU digital Covid certificate. Do I still have to undergo a quick swab to enter the competition area?

No. As long as your certificate is valid, you won’t need to take a quick test.

I need a PCR test to be able to return to my country. Where can I get it?

We will indicate the point closest to the race where it will be possible to carry out a PCR test.